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Database & Software Designer and Developer with 26 years experience in Computer and Information Technology industry.
Over the past 3 years I am working as a Web Developer in Durham, CA. As part of my role I was involved in DataBases and Websites design, programming and development using Shopping Cart VPASP 7.00 (IIS/ASP/MSAccess), Apache/MySql/PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, SQL, SSL Certificate Managing, Search Engine Optimization, Design and development facebook pages, website mobile version, generating google maps with data from DataBase (PHP scripts).

I have 17 years professional experience working with computer applications for education and instruction like College and University senior lecturer. I taught and I prepared the material for the following courses: Database Design, RDBMS(VFP; MSSQL Server 2000), SQL, Transact-SQL, Apache/Php/MySql, XML Technology: XML, DTD, XML-Schema, XSL, XPath, Numerical methods, Mathematical logic, Turbo Pascal.


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