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I love Games. I also love being part of an exciting team and creating something special as a whole.

I am an artist working in New York, and am very motivated to relocate. I just completed a contract with Electrotank and Ubisoft on their latest Passions game. I was the Game artist along with a fellow artist in Paris.

The reason for leaving? The contract required me to work from home. First I loved it, but later on you miss being surrounded by artists and thinking minds. I was a broadcast animation background painter before venturing into games. I loved every moment of it, working in a studio and just sharing thoughts. The shift from T.V. animation to video games was challenging at first. But in the end, they are very similar. I prefer working on games, but NOT from home.

I have included my resume and a link to my website. hope to hear from you soon.

thanks for your time,
Soonmin Chung


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