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I would like to express my interest in the Investment Analyst position at BrownSavano.
While earning a bachelor of science from the Robins School of Business (University of Richmond) and a minor in Law & the Liberal Arts, I was an active member of the community, contributing greatly to philanthropy and student organizations. I also contributed to Richmond’s sustainability and green practices, reducing waste management costs while increasing the school’s revenue generated from recycling. During the summer of 2008, I worked with the CEO and Vice President of Finance at NRI Management, LLC, a global company pursuing investments in coal, other industrial minerals, and related transportation, infrastructure, and mining services companies.

Currently, I work at Cambridge Associates as an investment professional with a focus on both domestic and international institutional investors. Their portfolios comprise traditional investments, nontraditional assets (hedge funds, private equity, and hard assets) as well as derivatives and currency hedging. Research responsibilities include published qualitative and quantitative hedge fund commentary. Outside of my day-to-day role, I have worked to partially reshape the organization and aided the head of research to develop tools for implementing new portfolio construction theory firm wide.

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