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Radio Operator with 8 years experience in Radio Operator industry. Objective: Seeking a position of a Radio Operator where eight years of experience on the same position will add value.

Position where my experience as UN Radio Operator, working in multicultural environment, where communication and teamwork is essential will contribute.

Electrical Engineer, where complete understanding of use of telecommunication equipment and transferred knowledge to others UN colleagues will be useful.
Skilled in VHF and HF radios, theirs programming and maintenance.

Responsilbilities: - providing an efficient and user friendly telecommunications service, transmitting and receiving messages via vhf and hf radio, telephone, mobile telephone, e-mail, fax, satellite telephone and conducting regular radio checks with un staff members, un agencies base stations, un security wardens and un security management team members. / - maintaining station log, both electronic and manual register, where all occurrences related to the operation of the un sec ops cen are entered including information on all un staff members and vehicles movement. / - collecting and selecting important security information for inclusion in un sec ops cen daily/weekly/monthly reports. / - contributing to the production and regularly updating the un sec ops cen contact lists, staff contact lists, emergency notification charts, un call signs list and location codes list. / - providing telecommunications related support and briefings, by giving advices on demand or by drafting and organizing trainings in use of telecommunications equipment for the newly appointed un staff members. / - keeping telecommunications equipment placed under my responsibility in good working condition by making simple repairs or by promptly arranging service for complex repairs or replacement of malfunctioning equipment. / - programming and reprogramming telecommunications equipment owned by different un agencies and ensuring that it is fully functional and compatible with existing un network settings prior to deployment. / - alerting and informing the un dss security adviser and the un security management team members of importaint security developments. / - preparing, producing and subsequently disseminating security updates to the un staff in form of security advisories, travel advisories and daily weather, road and border-crossing reports. these advisories and reports contain selected information on incidents, accidents, demonstrations, road blocks, border closures, rallies, extreme weather conditions e.t.c.

Bs Electrical Engeneer degree. Coursework: Electrical engineering

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