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Network Engineer with 7 years experience in Telecommunication industry. Responsilbilities: O to monitor all network devices at site & keep them operational / o designed and implemented ndsatcom’s mf-tdma vsats at the core sites of the network and to ensure almost 100% connectivity. / o implementation, configuration and operations of dvb-rcs hub and remote terminals and also to ensure almost 100% connectivity. / o designed and implemented scpc vsat links for the remote access sites / o managed the installation and commissioning of radio links (redline an 30) as a backup last mile option for more critical sites / o assist with planning, implementation, and configuration of monitoring and maintenance network. hardware, including vsat, routers, switches, servers / o wireless ap’s configuration / o successfully install and upgrade multi service switches (passport 6440 to 7480) to strengthen backbone for nadra network. / o transported 16 e1 over sdh from all over the country and managed the bandwidth both on physical and data link layer, through loop telecom’s digital access cross connect and nortel networks multi-service switch (passport 6440/7480). / o management & troubleshooting of all filters and vpn traffic on contivity 1500/1600/1700 extranet switches and firewalls. / o managing centralized radius (bay secure access control) server. / o to monitor and execute all links of nadra networks. / o managing all wan circuits, the last mile of which include radios and hdsl modems. / o expanded and optimized nadra’s core network in order to include a distribution layer for the access network of machine readable passport. / o designed, implemented and documented the frame relay pvc and ip plan for the overall mrp network. / o to receive, process and keep inventory record of equipment and devices / o provide guidance to the operational team.

Bs Computer Science degree.

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