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Mechanical Engineer with 3 years experience in Engineering / Technical Services industry. Responsilbilities: • managing maintenance work team (35 technicians and asst. technicians). / • monitor complete maintenance of the factory machines via computerized schedule. / • repair any defected part (mechanical) thus minimizing losses in the production. / • planning maintenance charts for the whole factory. / • installation and commissioning different machines (cargo and passengers lifts, generators and screw compressors etc). / • responsible of technical coordination with other departments, preparation of technical specification. / • responsible for doing project estimation and costing of various items. / • valuation or consumption of spare parts, lubrications, chemicals etc. / • responsible for purchase machinery and spare parts from several countries like usa, uk, germany, taiwan, spain, turkey and switzerland etc..

B-tech degree. Coursework: Engineering drawing 1 & cad 1, engineering drawing 2 & cad 2, english, mathematics 1, mathematics 2, chemistry, physics, computer application, mechanics, / business communication, business management & industrial economics, electricity & electronics, metrology, metallurgy, industrial management & human relations, hydraulics & hydraulics machines, thermodynamics, industrial engineering, machine design, tool design & making, material testing & heat treatment and computer integrated manufacturing.


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