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Chemist with 8 years experience in Engineering / Technical Services industry. Responsilbilities: Laboratory & batch plant chemist / ·supervision of all type of physical and chemical testing. / ·workout and issue glass formulation recipe to batch plant. / ·supervision of raw material and cullet handling. / ·analysis of chemicals sodium sulphate, sodium nitrate, cobalt oxide, / ·carbon, coal, arsenic, sodium dichromate, calcium carbonate etc. / ·operation of flame photometer and spectro-photometer. / ·checking of packing materials, cartons, polythene bags etc. / ·making of chemicals and standardized. / ·analysis of all raw materials & materials / i.e. silica sand, lime stone, dolomite, feldspar, etc. / ·olubility and moisture content. / ·usp-iii test. / ·density of oil, glass, etc. / ·plc control panel operation. / .r&d research for proposes the recipe. / .inspection of batch process. / ·checking of batch quantity of materials in process etc. / water testing p.h., hardness, t.d.s. and t.s.s. etc. / .all reports making, etc..

B.sc. (hons.) degree. Coursework: Applied chemistry / chemistry / inorganic chemistry / analytical chemistry / physical chemistry / physics / mathematics / etc.


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