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Human Capital Development Consultant with 2 years experience in Consultancy industry. Responsilbilities: • headhunting for candidates that will fit in suitably for roles client company want to fill / • interviewing and assessment of candidates using the necessary qualifying tools / • establish and maintain relationship with new clients, existing clients and candidates / • meeting with clients to identify their needs and proffer solution for them / • handling of correspondence as it applies to recruitment process / • spotting of vacancies in companies and establishing business relationship with such companies so as to be of service to their recruitment needs / • negotiation of recruitment fee charge and closing of business deal with prospective client / • send out profiles of exceptional candidates in a form of blind resume to prospect clients / • do a follow-up calls to companies that profiles has been sent, to enable an establishment of business relationship with the company / • understanding of job duties and requirements by clients to ensure that the right candidate(s) is/are short listed for the role / • evaluation of candidates profile for the suitability of a role a client is looking to fill / • manage recruitment requirements for clients.

B.sc In Psychology degree. Coursework: B.sc degree in psychology (majored in organisational psychology)

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