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Judicial Police Officer with 3 years experience in Security industry. Objective: To seek an internship position which enables me to work with a multi-national organization for development assistance.

Responsilbilities: 1. duties / (1) deal with initial investigation on all kind of crimes such as assault and larceny at community policing division. (2) write reports in each process of the criminal investigation. (3) conduct a security analysis and security assessments from the viewpoint of environmental criminology. (4) analyse the structure of premises, facilities, infrastructures, and whole residential areas, which may negatively impact on those safety and security situations. (5) research security affairs within and around my judicial boundary by patrolling, taking on stop and search, and making a house visit. (6) map crime-affected areas to make it easier to recognize criminal situations. (7) make a draft plan in the form of investigative report to tackle rough security and to inquire the cause of it by finding out what kind of suspicious individuals and groups exists. (8) build up the relationship of mutual trust with civilians to construct an intelligence network which can provide ideas for crime prevention and key information for incident inquiry. (9) rescue wounded victims, in the case of traffic accident or assault, with the techniques of first aid treatment. / 2. achievements / (1) grasped the essence of security and risk management through the security and safety operations. (2) acquired essential investigative skills by working on security surveys, interviewing related parties, organising and arranging an information network, conducting scientific investigations, and writing official documents based on the objective facts. (3) obtained well-developed analytical viewpoints applied to complicated and rough security situations, and developed the qualitative analytical skill through the security surveys (which can work in a good combination with the quantitative analytical skill learned at institute of developing economies advanced school in japan). (4) developed interpersonal skills to establish and keep adequate working relations with other police officers, civil servants, and civilians. (5) increased the capacity to manage an intelligence network for the purpose of gathering security-related information to think out a method for crime prevention and effective investigation. (6) enriched the quality of scientific investigation by accumulating the experience of working on criminal identification on the scenes. (7) gained the ability to identify inappropriate security conditions of houses, facilities, and other infrastructures which can become a potential matter that negatively impact on the local security situations. (8) engaging in the daily duties, educated my ability to write a variety of security-related documents with a concise and clear statement. (9) built up co-ordination skills through adequate communications in personnel management of the young police in response to the occurrence of grave incidents such as homicide, sexual violence, and natural disaster. (10) cultivated the endurance under long-term stressful conditions. (11) cultivated a proper manner as a member in a unit command activity based on the principle of the law enforcement sector. (12) utilised the essential qualifications obtained at fukuoka police academy such as the medical treatment techniques under emergent conditions and the radio operator. (13) acquired good computer skills with microsoft office (word, excel, and power point).(14) received some of the major commendations such as: (a) the honour of chief of criminal investigative department: awarded by the chief of criminal investigative department of fukuoka police for my contribution to the arrest of wanted members of a japanese mafia group in july 2005. (b) the honour of fukuoka police commissioner: awarded by the commissioner with the most significant honour in fukuoka police in recognition to my contribution to the early resolution of a hit and run accident in june 2004..

Msc In Violence Conflict And Development (expected To Be Issued In December 2009) degree. Coursework: 1. modules: / (1)political economy of violence conflict and development, political economy of development, security, and war to peace transition. / 2. achievements: / (1)obtained multi-perspective viewpoints applied to the complicated scenarios in security and development issue, which enabled the cross-sectional analysis. / (2)developed the ability to decompose issue and find out relationship among the subdivided components. / (3)oral communication skills expressed in presentation and writing skills developed through academic work.

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