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National Coordinator with 15 years experience in Community, Social Services, and Nonprofit industry. Responsilbilities: ·manages day-to-day operational aspects of the project and scope·provides guidance and assigns tasks to the staff / provides an overall project planning for the crg project· / supervises the staff activities by organising regular progress meetings and visits· / composes reports, once in two weeks to managers pou about the progress, achieved targets of that week, risks, and issues.· / manages and controls project expenditure within agreed budgets· / communicates effectively relevant project information to superiors· / resolves and/or highlights issues in a timely fashion· keeps staff well informed of changes within the project· / provide feedback to staff on performance. / ·assessing whether districts receive the required resources necessary for the implementation of the projects. / ·identifying problems facing the staff or project and finding solutions / ·charting progress and achievements of the project districts / ·ensuring that activities are implemented in all project districts as planned / ·detecting unintended results, both positive and negative / ·plotting trends / ·ensure quality of projects / ·ensure appropriate use and accountability of resources / ·level of community involvement in the projects / ·commitments and performances of staff / ·discuss on spot with the communities on possible solutions to problems hindering project performance / ·indicating where and how the plan should be adjusted / ·improving future practices / ·determining how far the various aims and objectives have been met / ·assessing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of what has been achieved. / ·reconsidering, in the light of experience, the validity of the assumptions behind the original plan / ·drawing lessons from the project interventions for future projects. the lessons will provide the basis for methodology replication / ·to pitch tents at a safe place. / ·to maintain record of the families dwelling in the tent village / ·to arrange accommodation for the earthquake victims. / ·to make food arrangement for the earthquake victims. / ·to ensure health and hygiene at the tent village / ·to liaison with international and national ngos working for the relief of the earthquake victims. / ·to involve tent village families in the activities taking place at the tent village. / ·to arrange sports activity for the kids / ·to ensure timely supply of food to the people / ·to procure daily use items from the manasehra as required. / ·to handle cash and prepare accounts / ·to coordinate with the disaster management coordinator. / ·to ensure smooth conduct of research in the province. facilitation to zonal field coordinators in the preparation of implementation plan for each phase of election survey. / ·to guide and manage zonal field supervisors / ·to provide training to zonal field supervisors and field researchers / ·to hire field researchers when needed. / ·to write and submit province report based on observations and focus group discussions and field experience. / ·observe election campaign and prepare analytical report of the province. / ·to ensure that all the zonal field coordinators and team members perform the assigned task in field as per requirement of the survey design. / ·to check survey forms / ·to maintain accounts and handling of cash / ·to provide quick feedback to the principal investigators as and when required. / ·to contact local ngos and cbos, local administration. election commission officers and media when required. / ·to complete the whole sample size in the province according to the given schedule as per survey design and to ensure that the best standard quality of work is maintained. / ·deploy teams in the zones and to take measure for their security. / ·arrange logistic requirements of all zones well in advance. / ·ensure timely distribution of the questionnaires and other relevant material to zones. / ·verification of interviews in each zone. / ·coordinate between zones and nationa.

M.sc (hons) Animal Reproduction degree. Coursework: Artificial insemination, embryo transfer, reproduction in farm animals

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