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Deputy Manager Accounts with 6 years experience in PTC industry. Objective: To associate myself with a progressive and professionally managed establishment position that will assist me in my quest for continuous self-improvement by enabling me to hone existing skills, and to improve my professional skills in a professional environment.

Responsilbilities: •designed some new managerial reports with co-ordination of oracle programmer. / •to design and develop the reconciliation between gl and inventory through system. / •performed physical internal audit of stores, as and when required. / •valuation of inventory on monthly basis. / •reconcile the inventory system with their respective general ledgers. / •reconciliation of sales tax invoices, tax paid on procurement of material. / •reconciliation of raw material with daily production report and process costing. / •provide supervision of external audit held in nexus of material management. / •manage the aging of payable system. / •to maintain the history of vendors in connection the procurement or provided services. / •perform all sorts of inter-departmental coordination. / •to monitor the activities of trial balance in respect of expenditures occurred and payable. / •verification of cost of sales in lights of production overheads incurred. / •verification of closing stocks including fuel and power and other raw materials physically. / •verification of journal, cash, purchase day and bank vouchers. / •verification of internal & external payments in respect of their source document, even sometimes physically. / •verification of sales tax & commercial invoices in light of their respective purchase order or work order. / •verification of cash and bank balances as per their statements, and physical, as and when necessary. / •verification of input, output taxes and federal excise.

Bachelor Of Commerce degree. Coursework: Accounting / auditing


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