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Assistant Professor with 5 years experience in Environment industry. Responsilbilities: Job description / • teaching and supervising to postgraduate chemistry students at institute of chemical sciences, university of peshawar / • the demonstration and administration of laboratory practical for students / • any ordering of new equipment and chemicals for all chemistry laboratory programs / • sending equipment to the appropriate vendors for repairs / • the setting up of marking schemes for the students / • setting up equipment and ensuring that it is functional / • setting out chemicals in appropriate containers and at appropriate locations in the laboratories / • maintaining the laboratory equipment, including the fixing of minor equipment problems where feasible / • replacing chemicals that run out during the weekly experiments / • ensuring that equipment and chemicals have been put away at the conclusion of each experiment / • ensuring that the laboratory is kept clean and maintaining a safe laboratory environment / • closing each laboratory section upon completion of the laboratory period / • the creation and updating of computer files for the laboratory reports and final grades / • operation and maintenance of modern analytical instruments / • conducting laboratory scale research for oil recovery from waste plastics and rubber / • investigating new methods and procedures, for recycling of waste polymers into useful chemical feedstock recovery, coupled with environmental initiatives recognized by governmental authorities as industry best practice / • preparation of proposals plans / • teaching, practicing and implementing chemical safety policy and procedures / • generating reports on equipment failure/ breakdown/ abnormal observation and following up on the failure analysis report. .

Phd degree. Coursework: Chemistry/analytical & environmetal chemistry

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