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Save The Children with 1 year experience in Community, Social Services, and Nonprofit industry. Objective: Masters Degree holder in β€œApplied Psychology”. More than five years experience in working with NGOs dealing with mental health, reproductive health, human and child rights. Competent in holding trainings with divers groups, and community mobilization. Skilful in coordinating with government officials, UN agencies, and other I/NGOs. Fluency in written and spoken English. Self-motivated and organized, have good interpersonal skills, and am an effective communicator at all working levels.

Responsilbilities: Collaboration with government, ministry of health and other stake holders / β€’ visiting and collecting information for reporting current conditions after the earthquake / β€’ assisting social welfare department and bait-ul-mal for commencing their regular activities after the disaster / β€’ close collaboration with unicef, oxfam and medicine scans frontier (msf) regarding protection issues, hygiene and health issues of children / β€’ coordinating with partner organization/government institutions to assist in child protection activities / β€’ holding meetings with moh for mother child health (mch) issues / β€’ representing sc-uk in un cluster meetings and other forums / β€’ working with major stake holders in bagh to voice for child rights and lobby for policy development / β€’ liaison with unicef and undp for supply items (mainly tents) / capacity building and training sessions / β€’ conducted training workshop with unicef and msf on β€œchildren’s reaction to traumatic life situations and adults’ (mainly parents and teachers) role to handle the situation” for social welfare project staff initiated by unicef and safe play area staff of sc-uk / β€’ conducted referral building training with unicef for sw dept. / β€’ capacity building of social welfare department staff regarding child protection issues / β€’ conducted training of trainers for social welfare department / β€’ training junior staff on child protection policy and protection issues / β€’ training of sc-uk staff, social welfare department staff and other organization on psycho-social support and counseling / β€’ organized and co-facilitated participatory rural appraisal training for field assessments for sc-uk staff / community capacity building orientations and meetings / β€’ initiated community committees for child protection awareness purpose / β€’ conducted child protection policy orientation sessions with the established committees / β€’ assisting field staff in planning and implementing community child protection committees’ activities / β€’ organized communities to conduct mass level seminar regarding awareness on child protection issues / coordination with national and field office muzaffarabad / β€’ coordinating with technical director in designing and implementing emergency programme activities and strategizing for developmental programme / β€’ participating in operational planning meeting and providing valuable inputs / β€’ attending project review meetings and presenting bagh situation / β€’ close liaison with muzaffarabad office to initiate parallel activities / coordination with finance, logistician dept. and procurement dept. / β€’ drafting supply and financial documents / β€’ forwarding request for supply demands to procurement dept. / β€’ updating logistician dep. to ensure smooth supply of delivery items / β€’ sorting and finalizing quotations with finance and procurement personnel / β€’ drafting inventories for supply, distribution and utilization record keeping purposes / β€’ reviewing budge and making necessary allocations in accordance with the team leader and finance personnel / report writing, field assessments, record keeping and data analysis / β€’ generating weekly situational reports and monthly progress reports / β€’ drafting field assessment inventories assisting staff members for information gathering / β€’ keeping record of activities conducted in each play area and items delivered / β€’ keeping record of children reached through play areas and analyzing information for further planning / protection team management / β€’ assisting team leader and handling programme activities in the absence of programme manager / β€’ managing child protection field team and monitoring activities / planning, implementing and monitoring of all field activities along with team members / safe play areas / β€’ assessing different areas in bagh for establishing safe play areas for children / β€’ interviewing and appointing local female candidates as play area supervisor.

Applied Psychology degree. Coursework: Clinical psychology

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