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Major with 14 years experience in Management and Executive industry. Objective: want to join a job where I can excel myself. With my experience and hardwork I can handle any challenging job and can come up to the required standards.

Responsilbilities: Military duties involving / • administration and man / management. / • planning, coordination and / conduct of training. / • routine staff works. / • various internal security and / counter terrorism tasks. / retired as a company commander commanding 130 men. during my military career i have conducted many internal security operations where i was involved in planning and conduct of operations, the most important of which was active fighting against religious extremists in sawat valley for 8 months. apart from attending mandatory staff and tactical courses i have attended a number of optional military courses during my service, which include / -physical training / -various weapon training courses / -unarm combat course / -nuclear, chemical & biological / warfare courses. / worked on following appointments / - enrolment and administrative officer / ff regimental center abbottabad. / - staff captain quaterring ff center. / (responsible for accamodation, / rations, stores, equipment and / living facilities of over 5000 / men and supervised a staff of 350) / - mechanical transport officer. / (responsible for maintenance and / operation of unit vehicles) .

M.a. In International Relations degree.

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