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Manager Circualtion with 10 years experience in Accounts & Finance industry. Responsilbilities: My designation is manager accounts based in regional office lahore in the capacity of middle management position. my job is looking after functions of accounts, administration and stores and procurement. my current job function requires me to utilize my problem solving skill and to work as a troubleshooter managing and supervising different supervisors under me that are managing different sections. i report to the general manager (operations) & managing director. / • accounts / my job curtails looking after different functions of accounts from overseeing bookkeeping, statements reconciliation, maintaining ledger accounts, recording of revenues, payables and receivables ledger, management of recovery function, fixed asset register, cash and bank, expense and cash books, and making of memorandum accounts. verification of miscellaneous expenses i.e. medical expenses, revenue expenses (routine), capital expenses (limited) etc. / my job also requires appraisals of budgets, forecasting, costing and pricing of different products and activities, which is one of my key responsibilities. doing informal reporting for the higher management, formulating strategic planning and making of policies and procedures, re-engineering processes, internal audit function and liaison of external audit at the end of the year. / • administration / i handle supervision of building administration, legal cases, misc. and special jobs assigned to me time to time. looking after electricity matters and electrical equipment in the office. experienced in electricity and civic works and also involved in repairing of our production facility that is its mechanical and electrical work. my responsibilities are managing people, handling some hiring and firing decisions, ensuring that different departments and sections coordinate and co-exist, correspondence and handling of different government and private organization. / • stores & procurement / responsibilities for this department include managing supplies, making all necessary procurement and storage. this involves the overlooking different activities such as requisition procedures, approval and authorization of different expenses, issuing indent, purchase inspection, purchase terms, etc. this function encompasses purchase for general office supply to production material to capital expenditure. / other duties include managing of store matters, different stores, warehouse management, store reports generating such as consumption report, aging report, re-order report, month end and year end reports, inventory management, setting of re-order levels, maximum stock levels, minimum stock levels etc. also involve costing of inventory according to different methods (lifo, fifo, average method etc). / my job description also encompasses informal job assignments assigned to from time to time. as a result this has helped me in proving my flexibility and versatility thus proving myself as a manager. i am honest person, who tries to work with dedication. my experience has led me to believe that organizations to be successful are to be due to good team and team leaders. .

Associate Degree Of Chartered Accoutnancy degree. Coursework: I took up acca to enhance my current job qulaification and this was the best option i could have opted for. the advance studies of finance, accounts, audit and strategic managment is very useful for my future profession and work.

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