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Editor with experience in Arts, Design, Entertainment, and Media industry. Objective: To learn new things while practicing my skills so as to grow professionally and compete well in the professional world.To develop my potential to the full and broaden my mental horizon.I work for intellectual satisfaction and to add to my experience in as many ways as possible.

Responsilbilities: -editing e-books. / -writing content for author websites and critical appraisals/blurbs of american and english literature. / -doing q.a. of edited e-books before production. / websites uploaded so far: / www.charles-dickens.ws / www.jane-austen.ws / www.aroundtheworldineightydays.ws / the websites were seo-wise very well prepared and rank among the top-most in google..

Basic It Skills Course degree. Coursework: Operating systems / ms office / internet

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