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Data & It Administrator with 4 years experience in Computer and Information Technology industry. Objective: A competent individual seeking a challenging support role. Strengths lie in a strong optimistic attitude, effective problem-solving approach, and ability to adopt any environment with very short learning curve, excellent reliability, trustworthy nature, and a keen interest in the Development Sector. Versatile team Leader with excellent communication skills and can work in a group as well as individually to handle any task given in any sort of pressure. Have versatile practices in MIS and IT.

Responsilbilities: Mis administration / 1. supervision / staffing / • supervision of staff in data section for their day to day activities. / • it is to ensure that staff is working under the overall agenda of organization. / • to ensure mis is properly updated on regular basis with in set time frame. / • to ensure the implementation of policies at all level. / 2. accuracy of mis / trouble shooting / • to ensure that mis is working properly and reports are accurate. / • trouble shooting of mis in both it and data related problems. / • regular cleaning of mis for accuracy in reports and data / 3. mis consolidation / reporting / • consolidation of mis at district level. / • sharing of mis with management and donor. / • weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports to higher management and local coordination offices of donor (ppaf). / 4. community satisfaction / information sharing / • it is to ensure that community is entertained properly in data section for any related queries to their satisfaction. / • to ensure that community related information is shared in time. / 5. meetings & project presentations. / • representation of organization on different forums like ; / o general coordination meetings / o fortnight pos forum. / o dru meeting / o etc. / • project presentations at different levels on behalf of organization. / it administration / 1. local area network / internet / • installation, extension and to ensure smooth functioning of lan & wireless lan, / • configuration of wireless router and v-sat modem, / • to ensure proper functioning of shared resources (printers, scanners, etc). / 2. computer software / hardware / • installation of windows, drivers and other softwares in computers, / • responsible for smooth functioning of computer / laptop systems. / 3. trouble shooting / • responsible for trouble shooting of : / o management information system, / o lan (cable & wireless) / internet, / o computer / laptop software and hardware, / o shared resources e.g. printers etc. / 4.

Mcs degree.

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