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Management Trainee with 3 years experience in PTC industry. Objective: Seeking a position in the field of of Industry with special interest in Control Systems

Responsilbilities: Tri pack films ltd is a joint venture of pakistan & japan. appointed as management trainee leading to shift in charge at the plant. main duties include maintenance of all electrical & electronics systems in the plant. control and troubleshooting of the motor drives, plc control systems & instruments of siemens & mitsubishi at the production lines. .

Be Electrical (electronics) degree. Coursework: Semester / projects / •laser switched security system / •switching of home appliances by temperature control using 8051 microcontroller / •fire fighting robot (competed in eme nust) / •color detection of objects on conveyor belt using avr microcontroller. / •voltage control rectification (thyristor bridge) using fpga / •implementation of lempel ziv and huffman compression and decompression algorithms in matlab. / •implementation of routh-hurwitz testing algorithm in matlab. / final year / project / •industrial automation using distributed control system / (field bus protocol)

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