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Software Engineer with 1 year experience in Operation industry. Objective: Seeking trainee engineer position in your prestigious organizations that warrants an opportunity to not only learn but also demonstrate skills acquired over the course of my professional studies and competitive and encouraging milieu that utilizes and develops my leadership and inter-personal skills to utmost.

Responsilbilities: Audio codec design engineer for hvxc speech coder. the project involved fixed-point implementation and optimization of the hvxc speech coder for porting on an adsp-bf533 fixed point dsp processor & mmx/sse/sse2 optimized coder for an intel m-processor. the codec was also ported on texas instruments and tri-media platforms. / bit-stream mechanism of the momusys video codec was also replaced with an efficient writing mechanism as a separate project..

Computer Engineering degree. Coursework: Majors: / •digital communications. / •digital signal processing. / •digital system design. / •digital image processing. / •integrated circuit design. / •electronics / final year design project: / face extraction & recognition system:- studied and implemented three different face recognition and detection algorithms: this was a research based project which emphasized on the study of different algorithms used for the detection and recognition of static face images as well as video face images. the techniques used and implemented were eigen faces, pca, lda and ica, as well a combination of these classifiers was self implemented. the algorithms were implemented and simulated in matlab.

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