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Asst Manager Business Developement And Administration, North with 6 years experience in Business Operations industry. Objective: Seeking a challenging and dynamic position of marketing in a highly competitive business world. At the same time I seek to explore the core issues related to strategic and market planning of any innovative engineering product in a multi dimensional engineering/ telecomm company. This should cover all grounds from product selection, introduction, launch and sale, so that there is an opportunity for me to use my abilities to improvise and innovate.

Responsilbilities: • undertook and prepared a market summary analysis of north region. / • procured land and property for the system through out the north sector. / • prepare press release. / • help publish the organization newsletter “boep”. / • organizing and inviting guest for the “guest speaker program” on bi-monthly basis. and ensuring proper media coverage for the organization’s mission projection. / • handled stake holder’s queries in a courteous and efficient manner, liaison with various department and concerned persons for rectification of the problem. reporting complaints or problem if no immediate solution can be found to the executive director. / • worked with the legal advisors on the real estate issues. / • researched on various lucrative business prepositions with futuristic business expansion aim. / • to establishes link with people within and outside the business and uses this network for the organization’s advantage. / • presented a report on international forum of “schools of tomorrow --- towards 2035”..

Electrical Engineering (telecommunication) degree. Coursework: All communication subjects offered by the university.


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