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District Population Welfare Officer with 5 years experience in Programme Management industry. Objective: To harness my knolwedge, skills and experience gained in the field of Gender Mainstreaming,Social Mobilization & Community Organization and institutional development for creating awareness among the masses which may ultimately add value and quality to the lives of people.

Responsilbilities: District population welfare office is the basic tier of population welfare programme through which the department operates for the achievement of its core objectives. the district population welfare office rawalpindi is running five projects of the department in six tehsils (sub-districts) of the district. /  tehsil population welfare office project /  mobile service unit project /  family welfare centre project /  reproductive health centre project /  male mobilizers project. / my key responsibilities as district incharge of population welfare office include: / i. planning, organizing, coordinating, implementing and monitoring population welfare activities in the district. / ii. developing monitoring formats to track performance of projects and offices under my jurisdiction. / iii. collection and analysis of various demographic and family welfare data. / iv. social mobilization and creation of community awareness for achieving the goals of population stabilization, family planning, safe motherhood and infant health by developing and launching advocacy campaigns. these campaigns address various groups such as opinion leaders, ulema, youth, adolescent and especially the people belonging to lower strata of society having certain deeply ingrained misbeliefs. various tools of mass awareness like media campaigns, cultural events, talk shows and seminars are used for the purpose. / v. building strong partnerships and linkages with various civil society groups, ngos, public sector organizations and private sector to maintain standards in family planning through training, monitoring and other means of participation and quality assurance. / vi. performance appraisal, training need assessment and performance management of staff through various capacity building programmes/training workshops. / vii. budgeting which involves forecasting and preparation and imbursement of budget for all the on-going and envisaged activities of the district. .

Social Work degree. Coursework: (i)community development / (ii)research methodolog / (iii) population studies / (iv) sociology / (v) human growth & behaviour / won gold medal for seciring top position in the university

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