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Assistant Manager Human Resources with 2 years experience in Human Resource industry. Objective: To become the top HR personnel by constant learning and progress, to implement my knowledge, skills, experience and work devotedly in a dynamic and an innovative environment to achieve the personal and organizational goals.

Responsilbilities: 1. formulation, review and maintain policies and procedures and recommend changes as required. provide advice and support to managers and staff on interpretation and application of policies and procedures and on other hr related matters according company and labour laws. / 2. strategic hr planning and its implementations / 3. develop hr practices and processes aligned with organization’s overall strategy and to meet the future evolving needs of the organization. / 4. plan, develop and implement the organizational culture and structural transformation. / 5. monitor and evaluate recruitment and placement related activities for the organization while ensuring adherence to policies and procedures. / 6. design and implement compensation and performance management systems and advise staff and management on related matters. / 7. plan and develop orientation materials and ensure new employees are properly oriented. / 8. supervise and maintain human resource management information system (hrmis) / 9. plan and identify staff development and career management needs and develop training and development programs to enhance staff effectiveness. / 10. give training as a trainer to employees and develop management courses according to company needs and objectives / 11. assist supervisors and staff with understanding and using the performance evaluation system (pes). / 12. manage future job analysis and preparation of job descriptions. / 13. monitor and advice on disciplinary matters in accordance with established policies and procedures. / 14. mediate conflict, grievances and harassment cases. / 15. safety of building, material and personnel by arranging adequate fire fighting equipment and safety training and handling of emergencies. / 16. monitoring of daily attendance of staff & over-times of staff. / 17. external p.r with labour, eobi, essi and other govt. agencies. / 18. management of visitors, guests, events and trips..

International Relations degree. Coursework: Public and international laws / international politics of economic relations / strategic studies / international politics of south asia & middle east

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