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Communication And Promotional Support Worker with 1 year experience in Programme Management industry. Objective: To find a challenging role in the design and analysis of the development, administrative and socio-economic policies of the poor nations, especially in Pakistan. To collect data, prioritize issues, make models, organize and mobilize people for better education, and make sound recommendations on institutional reforms for financial accountability and good governance. To monitor programs, communicate reports to all stakeholders for support of the governments to meet their policy goals.

Responsilbilities: Conducting door-to-door promotion campaign of green gardens, dropping off flyers and hanging on posters in public places. / attending 3 public meetings every week providing translation and clarification as needed. / acting as liaison between the program coordinator and community. / interpreting and translating for key print resources. / communicating with coordinator on weekly basis or as needed..

Master Of Engineering & Public Policy degree. Coursework: Basic system approach including alternatives, evaluation and revision. practical project management, climate change, carbon trading system, carbon taxing, public policy analysis, sustainability & green engineering, mercury in the great lakes & public policy, role of environmental economics in public policy, renewable energy & public policy, engineering design & public policy, disaster management and emerging environmental issues and policy. / environmental management policy tools, cost benefit analysis and simulation modelling. decision alternatives, risk analysis, dynamic programming, integer programming, and linear programming for optimization and minimization. decision analysis hierarchy, soft system and decision support system. / policy development cycle; policy evaluation, policy formulation, implementation, role of interest groups, pressure groups, stakeholders, political administrative authorities, political leaders, economists and influential groups in policy development.

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