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Water Management Agriculturist with experience in Consultancy industry. Objective: 1. Efficient completion of projects and tasks.
2. Sustainable, knowledge based water & agriculture policies.
3. Addressing threats of climate change, water scarcity, agriculture productivity & market behavior.
4. Improvement of water and agriculture research quality & technique.
5. Capacity building of stakeholders & public institutes
6. Improved public private partnership (economic benefits, regulation & transparency).
7. Policy & operational frameworks to address livelihood concerns.

Responsilbilities: Accomplished tasks includ /  planned and supervise socio-economic farm survey of 175 farms /  analysis of cropping pattern, crop intensities, agriculture demand, canal water supply for all canal of sindh /  detail water balance and various demand scenarios for rohri canal command. /  farming system studies including farm typologies using primary surveys data. /  crop and farm budgets. /  analyzed productivity of water and land (based on gross value of product and net income) using quartile analysis /  proposed water conservation measures including high efficiency techniques like drip and sprinkler irrigation /  proposed agri-extension component on field farm schools (ffs)..

Phd degree. Coursework: A research based phd on the scope of river water reallocation in the indus basin analyzed large quantity of historical data, water regulation procedures, water maangement and agriculture performance. / / study tested an integrated and modular analytical approach, comparative at the spatio-temporal scales, using back-casting in historical perspectives and analytical in multi-discipline linkages. / a composite irrigation performance analysis was carried out at the canal command, provincial and basin levels. / research procedures include collection and processing of historical data, time series analysis of water allocation parameters, irrigation performance indicators, application of water balance and river basin models at the basin, provincial and canal command scale. / output includes calibrated basin allocation model hydram (ird france), water balance models and crop et procedures of cropwat for all agro climatic regions of the basin.

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