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Experience in Engineers industry. Objective: I would like to work as an IT Professional and Communication Systems Engineer at some reputable private or Government organization.

Bicse degree. Coursework: 1.route selection software using vb and sql. / 2.development of analog back propagation algorithm based on neural networks / 3.web-based dynamic online quiz system using html and pearl. / 4. game engine development using object oriented c++. / 5. implementation of task manager in c++ / 6. socket programming in c on linux. / 7. electronic implementation of optical fiber link / 8. rfid edge-ware module development. / 9. short range rf communication through rf (modems) modules and their interfacing through programming. / 10. multi-path raleigh channel fading effect using matlab. / 11. case studies of gsm, wireless adhoc networks mimo, j2me, microwave devices, mmogs. / 12. microprocessor controlled gun movements using assembly language / 13. fpga based car parking system in verilog. / 14. fpga based vga controller with ethernet node (verilog). / 15. online railway ticketing system, a complete e-commerce model. / 16. simulation of dual ring passive optical network in optsim / 17. business model for o


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