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Project Coordinator with 4 years experience in Environment industry. Objective: To Serve Challengeable Jobs in the field of Natural Resource Management.Proven Experience and a Can Do attitude to successfully obtain goals and objectives.

Responsilbilities: Counter parts: non-governmental organizations, government departments and academic institution/universities engaged in relief efforts for rehabilitation of earthquake hit regions of ajk and nwfp. / (project area covers the ajk and nwfp earthquake hit regions) / project: / Ҁ’ post earthquake environmental impact assessment in selected sites of nwfp and ajk / major responsibilities: / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ implementation of the above mentioned project strictly in accordance with the parameters defined in the project document and following the work plan as advised by the deputy director general wwf-p and coordinator conservation & environmental education (c&ee), islamabad. / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ designing field research surveys / plans. / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ compilation of the quarterly, six monthly and annual project reports and timely submission to the wwf-p scientific committee under the guidance of your supervisor. / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ assessing environmental impacts. / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ supervising and facilitating a cadre of interns for conducting area specific research. / other assignments: / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ plan and execute wwf-pakistanҀ™s c&ee programs through mcic. / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ writing proposals to strengthen mcic c&ee programs. / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ write quality reports mentioning quarterly, six monthly and yearly progress of mcic and the activity specific reports, as and when required. / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ any other assignment, if and when assigned to achieve the organizational objectives by deputy director general wwf-p /coordinator c&ee wwf-p islamabad. / Γ―ΒƒΒ˜ managing and organizing all the environmental concerns raising events and ensuring their documentation and timely dissemination .

Masters In Forestry degree. Coursework: Forest management / silviculture / ecology / mensuration / forest pathology / sociology / public administration / forest extension / forest accounts / statistics


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