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System Analyst with experience in Information Technology industry. Objective: I am keen to face a challenging atmosphere where I can feel to boom up my skills and utilize my academic achievements.

Responsilbilities:  analyzed and designed bar code system for fine distribution. /  prepared booklet containing information about all products. /  made interactive product system by producing customer guidance cd. /  advertised all products on internet for e-customers..

Masters In Computer Science degree. Coursework: Developed network analyzer software. “network analyzer software” is an advanced but easy to use tcp/ip network monitor and analyzer program, which work on all windows operating systems, based on all sniffing concepts. / • with network analyzer software, we can capture ip packets over local network and on local host. / • network analyzer software detects protocol, length, source address, destination address, message, etc. this means you can view important information, such as passwords and email easily and safely. / • network analyzer software also provides real time statistics while capturing data. / it was a group project in which i was team leader.

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