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Council Member with 1 year experience in Computer and Information Technology industry. Objective: Professional Biosketch would be more like drawing out the inner me and bringing it to reality. When i come into my professional life, i would want to achieve what i have always been aiming for,an organised set of rules that i should be abiding by moreover, certainly, making the best of my abilities.As i see my self as just a high school graduate, i have yet got alot to accomplish, but to say the least, when i enter my professional life, i would want to have a full recognition of my resposibilities and would want them to penetrate through me.

Responsilbilities: Its a council member post that you get by going through a nomination process .the requirements of the very post are to abide by the school rules, take full responsibility of what is happening in,out or around school. in precise you have to represent your school or be a representative of your school..

A- Level degree. Coursework: Business managment / computing / sociology / english literature


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