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Associate Quality Engineer with 4 years experience in Quality Assurance industry. Objective: Seeking a position with a progressive organization leading to new projects and advancements in the field of Information Technology. Looking for a professional working environment where I could make the most of my cogent academic and professional experience.

Responsilbilities: •test planning process / •test design / •build the test environment / •acceptance testing / •defect tracking and correction / •test reporting.

Becholor Of Computer Science And Engineering degree. Coursework: Final year project / street-smart robocop is an autonomous ground vehicle that can move according to a given digital map. it distinguishes obstacles through sonar sensors. it is artificial intelligence based project in which atmel 89c51 is used as microcontroller and the software is developed in c language. / artificial intelligence: al sayara is an autonomous ground vehicle which can detect and avoid the obstacles and can measure the distance covered by it. / database management system: daewoo reservation system is database related project developed in oracle developer and oracle database. / entrepreneurship and leadership: smeda is research project on how smeda is promoting small medium enterprise companies. / software engineering: kmail is an email system developed for learning of the software engineering process. / system analysis and design: p.i.a. reservation system is a system design project in which we analyze and design the whole reservation system.

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