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Master Trainer In Education Project with experience in Community, Social Services, and Nonprofit industry. Objective: To seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been over come and people leave in dignity and security.

Responsilbilities: Assess and monitor the schools / community mobilization i.e. meetings with teachers, ptas and community elders etc. / liaise with students, teachers, parents, local authorities, united nations agencies and other international agencies/organizations in the field. / plan, initiate and conduct in-service teacher training. / adapt training manuals according to individual needs and local context. / plan, initiate and facilitate workshops and seminars for various educational stakeholders / promotion of team work and team spirit in the programme / contribute to the expansion of nrc’s advocacy and information activities. / responsible for generating weekly action plan and reporting, in digits to team leader/supervisor. / assist in school reactivation i.e. tent erection, ptas, teacher and student attendance / represent nrc in accordance with code of conduct and in respect of local customs and traditions. / other tasks assigned by the field supervisor/project coordinator. / missing out map activities.

Mba Human Resource Management (under Progress) degree. Coursework: Project management,training & development, labour management relation, compensation management, business& labour law, / management theory & practice, financial accounting, marketing theory & practrice,cost & management accounting, etc.

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