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Mis Coordinator with 7 years experience in Information Technology industry. Objective: To provide systems & software development and implementation to any organization, commensurate my qualification in any kind of situation

Responsilbilities: Responsible for management of it department / analyze the information needs of the organization and develop technological solutions / prepare and direct it policy / direct to activities to select and install major it facilities / direct the integration of it operations, computer hardware, operating systems, communications, software applications and data processing / control the security aspects of it systems / work out current and future it needs by counseling people at all levels about the current work systems and deciding how improvements can be made / responsible for deployment, operation and maintenance of custom made softwares for the system / responsible for management, supervision and security of database and main servers / responsible for user creation in active directory and implementing group and domain wide securities policies. / install trouble shoot and maintain network of 200 nodes in hospital and colleges / user training and help desk / responsible for regular backup of database and servers / responsible for provision of secure and fast access of internet to management and all departments of hospital, medical and nursing colleges / development and maintenance of system’s web site.

Ccna degree. Coursework: Cisco certified nework assosiate

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