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Project Coordinator with 4 years experience in Administrative industry. Objective: to help the peoles through my educational experience.

Responsilbilities: 1.make and implement plans for poverty elevation through education and help the peoples to get admission in the school and colleges. / 2. make and implement plans for students to choose the career. / 3. make and implement plans for female students to utilize their inner abilities in the practical fields. / 4. run a educational setups in the islamabad about 6 years along with ngo..

Bachalor Degree degree. Coursework: 1.computer skill:- diploma in computer software & hardware. / 2. computer experience:- 2 years as composer & designer in abbottabad. / 3. administrative experience:- 1 year as admin officer with oxford international colleg. / 2 years working experience as principal with oxford international college. / 1 year working experience as project director with athens education system islamabad. / member of an international ngo jurnalist for international peace. / remain general with awami people welfare society pakistan. / resposibilities:- make plans for poverty elevation through education, make plans for students for choosing his/her career, make plans for female students utilization their abilities, help the jurnalist to promote peace in the world through their writings, help the foreigner students to take the admission in the schools and colleges in pakistan. / qualities:- hard working, honest, obedient, trustful, punctual, move towards the target, confident.


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