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Resume Writing

Entry & Junior (0-3 Years)

  • Fresh out of university and uncertain about translating your qualifications into valuable skills to potential employers?
  • With a few years of experience, do you now want to explore new challenges and avenues for growth?
  • Are you unsure about the relevance of your skills, exposure and work ethic to a different role or industry?
  • With limited industry knowledge and a narrow network of business contacts, it is even more important that you start off your career with an edge that only a professional Resume can provide. We promote your flexibility, persistence and strong dedication to learning.
  • Get noticed and stand out from the crowd with our creative, fresh writing.

Mid Career (4-7 Years)

  • So you’ve developed an expertise that you want to leverage, yet you fall short of selling your skills and highlighting your value to potential employers?
  • Do you feel incapable of articulating how your distinct capabilities fill existing gaps in the market?
  • We clearly communicate how your specific expertise and skill set will contribute significantly and in record time to employer bottom line results. Our focus is on portraying how your dynamic character enables you to meet all the challenges presented to you, exceeding employer targets and expectations.
  • Become irresistible to employers and land your dream job with PersonForce Resume Experts.

Senior Management (8-15 Years)

  • Now that your career is marked by a series of tangible business wins evidenced by your management experience, why risk selling yourself short?
  • It is essential you market your personal strengths and career achievements in an engagingly distinctive way.
  • We promote your strategic planning skills and your involvement in key decision making processes. We demonstrate your ability to lead, manage and innovate in a results-driven manner.
  • Let us help set you apart from the competition.

Expert & Executive (15+ Years)

  • A regular Resume just doesn’t capture the extent of your expertise and success? A list of responsibilities or achievements cannot justly distinguish your diverse and comprehensive professional life?
  • With PersonForce, we go beyond that. We focus on your strategic capabilities and portray you as a charismatic leader with skills to transform organisations and turn around situations.
  • Our experts can create a customized, personal brand for you and promote your unique value proposition.

With Personforce, we guarantee you a job-winning Resume that is:

  • Customised and targeted to your desired career path
  • Well positioned and focused, with strong power phrases and industry specific terminology to ensure keyword optimization.
  • Highly structured and focused on the unique value you bring, promoting your key achievements and career progression in the most appealing manner