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About TrialPay
For the last 5 years, TrialPay has been changing the way people shop online. More recently, we have brought our alternative payment platform to the worlds of social gaming and virtual currency.  Besides being named one of "The World's Most Valuable Startups" by Business Insider, we have received great press from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and others, and we are regularly featured on TechCrunch and VentureBeat. With partners like Facebook, Skype, and Netflix, 190 million registered users, and over 50 million unique daily visits already, we're growing really fast and working hard on big data management, mobile, and some of the most complex and interesting constraint optimization problems in the business.  We can also proudly say that we work with some of the smartest people we've ever met.

What you'll be doing
You will be joining a tight-knit, extremely talented group of engineers and enjoying fast development cycles, a significant product voice (and product ownership, if that's of interest), and an enviable, collaborative culture. We are constantly venturing into new areas and still building out big pieces of our platform, so this could be an awesome opportunity to create something truly meaningful and interesting. To give you an idea of the kinds of things we're working on, take a look at the list below:

  • deciding which offers we should display to our users and what order should we display them in to maximize conversion
  • doing the above really, really fast - building rich mobile apps for multiple platforms and designing mobile SDKs for 3rd party developers
  • feature design, including deciding the depth of customization and balancing trade-offs of complexity, flexibility in the future, and administrative overhead
  • database design, including schema, indexes, query optimization, partitioning, and NoSQL solutions
  • exploring the bounty of Amazon Web Services (including but not limited to EC2, SimpleDB/DynamoDB, and CloudFront)
  • building levels of caching to help us scale, including playing with caching frameworks like memcache and APC and investigating/implementing other caching options
  • creating and improving fraud detection algorithms
  • architecting and building platform infrastructure, which can include A/B testing, reporting, APIs, etc
  • MacGyvering the hell out of 3rd party integrations

What we're looking for
We pride ourselves on hiring the best and the brightest. Historically, members of our team have come from all manners of backgrounds and disciplines, so we realize that a degree or knowledge of a specific programming language is not always a good indicator of success.  Therefore, instead of presenting you with a series of generic bullet points, let's say that if you're a great programmer and you are excited about working on the kinds of things we mention above, email us at jobs-eng@trialpay.com, and we will go from there.

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