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You solve complex problems with elegant solutions. You eat algorithms for breakfast. You know the good parts of Java and how to make it look like an interesting language! You're all about developing for the Web, versed in HTTP, NoSQL, handling big data and can show off your own mash-ups of popular web services, made for fun. Like what you hear? Read on.

You are a star developer who thrives on building complex software at scale, designing engaging experiences and solid systems, working with cutting edge technologies and other star developers.

You value hard work and tough challenges, you have a keen interest in the goings on in the open source community, ideally having contributed code, and are looking for a team in which you can grow significantly and help others grow, too.

You have at least one major passion outside work, and when you can't sleep at night it's because you're under the spell of amazing ideas that can lead to awesome products.

Java can be a pretty revolting language in the wrong hands. We're looking for people that can sidestep its enterprisey verbosity and develop Minimilist Java: concise, elegant code that's interesting for other developers to work on.

Here's a list of the technologies that we use. We expect candidates to have some experience with the majority of them. We're hiring at all levels of experience, so your expertise in each may vary.

  • NoSQL (we're currently a MongoDB shop)
  • Lucene
  • Hadoop, HBase
  • Java 5 concurrency
  • Google Guava libraries (collections especially)
  • Asynchronous Jetty
  • Protocol Buffers
  • Javascript
  • Maven
  • Git
  • Linux on AWS

This stack, plus many APIs, famous (Twitter, Facebook, Freebase, YouTube) and industry-specific (e.g. BBC, Channel 4) means we can code at start-up speed but develop production-ready software for large-scale clients — and, more importantly, ourselves. Basically, if you can write Java and make it look like Ruby, you're in!

Is this you? Then meet our recruiting process, learn how generous our share scheme is, see how we keep it fun and get in touch at jobs @ metabroadcast dot com, whether you're after one of the open positions or interested to carve a place for yourself with MetaBroadcast in London, and start by telling us... why you?

All positions open at MetaBroadcast are full-time and based in Central London. Due to the ridiculous policies of the UK government, we're unable to hire awesome people who haven't already got the right to work in the UK. That means we can hire from most, but not all EEA countries, and Switzerland, and we can also hire some Commonwealth citizens with UK ancestry, provided they already have a work permit/ visa. This situation sucks, and we've tried to find ways around it, but it's just not possible at the moment.

Job Category:

Computer and Information Technology

Career Level:

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

Job Type:

Full Time/Permanent