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We're starting a local community revolution! Our goal is a "Meetup Everywhere about Most Everything", and we're on our way. We help people "use the internet to get off the internet" because Meetups change lives and can change the world.

We are profitable, growing, and committed to building an all-star, all-NYC company. We are a company that values doers over talkers and mentors over managers. We are a company where people who take risks and win are rewarded and grow.

Meetup is eleven years old. We were born back when three-dimensional babies danced, bananas shouted "peanut butter jelly time", and phones had only had one app on them: Phone. With a small engineering-focused team, we did whatever we could (including adding feature after feature) to spark Meetups for people across the globe. The problem was, like any good teenage angst song, we were young and reckless and didn't foresee how all of these sugar-coated features would affect our <body> as we grew up.

Without any design culture or influence at Meetup, our site became bloated, confusing, and just plain ugly. The awesome thing was, people were so determined to make real-world connections that we've been growing like crazy. Even though we weren't making it easy on them. And that part made us sad.

Since then we’ve grown up, cut the slack, and fine-tuned our product. Design is now at the forefront of everything we do here. We’re currently three designers strong and are just scratching the surface. That’s where you come in.

We're looking for a designer who is awesome at designing things for the screen. We hope that is you.

The day-to-day:

  • We have a website, mobile site, and iOS and Android apps–at any given time you'll probably be working on one of them.
  • You’ll be working with product teams to not only create visuals and UI elements, but also help guide features in the right (and often times most simplest) direction.
  • Collaborating with your design allies: we're a tight-knit group and are always giving and looking for feedback.
  • You’ll get to throw designs into our user testing lab and then iterate on them.

Who you are:

  • You have experience designing interfaces and UI elements. (A bonus if you can prototype in HTML/CSS.)
  • You're a go-getter (self-initiated projects in your portfolio are a great way to show that).
  • You can give and take direction and criticism.
  • You've got an excellent eye for typography, color, layout, information architecture and other related design thingamabobs. Bonus points if you don't call them "thingamabobs".
  • Your friends make fun of you for noticing how someone is interacting with a new app and for asking questions like "Why'd they put that button there?".
  • You think the internet is pretty cool and you're alright with seeing a few cat gifs throughout the day.
  • You're all about design and what's happening around it. This could include: reading (both blogs and books), writing, drawing and doodling, exploring side projects for fun, and of course sarcastically discussing the use-cases for "flat design".


Sound like you? We should talk. Please be sure to include a link to a portfolio that has examples of websites or applications you've made!

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Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

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Full Time/Permanent