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Job Description:

Are you an experienced game programmer/developer/game architect/CTO? Are you bored with your current job? Has your career plateaued and you’re looking for the next step? Do you sometimes think about smacking your incompetent and overpaid boss? Do you love adventure and international travel? We may be the game company for you!

Skills and Experience:

·         4 years+ of game development and programming experience.

·         Experience in one of the major programming languages (Python, Ruby, etc.).

·         Unity or HTML5 experience a plus.

·         iOS, Android, and other mobile experience a plus.

·         Microtransactions and in-game/in-app purchase experience a plus.

·         Experience leading teams or mentoring a plus.

·         Arabic language skills a plus.

·         Love of travel, adventure, and games required.


Company Description:

We are a game start up with one published and revenue-generating game, three games with completely built back-ends due to be finished in the next several months, and several more games in development.

Our emphasis is on Arabic and Middle Eastern games.  Consequently, we are currently looking for games to translate/convert into Arabic, game companies to partner with, and/or programmers to hire that will be willing to help lead our team in Jordan.

Job Description:

This is a full-time position with a competitive salary package, benefits, and equity.

Your primary responsibility will be to help train and lead our technical team in Amman, Jordan to build and manage our portfolio of games.  You will also have the opportunity to create and execute your own game ideas with us.  However, we do not require that you spend all year in the Middle East. We are relatively flexible in terms of location.  Nonetheless, there are big advantages to working and living in Jordan. You will be provided housing for at least part of the year whilst staying in Amman. The cost of living in Jordan is massively lower than in the West. Additionally, you MAY be eligible to receive all or most of your salary relatively tax-free. (However, please consult with your tax professional to verify your tax status first.)

Plus, for a Middle Eastern country, Jordan is a liberal, safe, and tolerant place to live. And Amman, in particular, is a very international and modern city with a buzzing art and music scene, a vibrant technology sector, and amazing outdoor activities. So come join us!

Job Category:

Arts, Design, Entertainment, and Media

Career Level:

Executive (SVP, EVP, VP etc)

Job Type:

Full Time/Permanent