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  Jobs At Connect.com

In an age when the number of people we interact with is increasing by orders of magnitude, Connect.com is focused on helping us make the most of these new relationships.

  The Connect.com Story

The Connect.com co-founder team began as a bit of an odd couple — Ryan had been the successful young CEO of a 300-employee software company in North Carolina called iContact until its February 2012 $169MM acquisition by Vocus (NASDAQ: VOCS). Anima was a systems-minded philosopher, activist, and student of human behavior who had previously founded an organization called Swing Semester, the nation’s first political immersion program for college students.

Despite their wildly different backgrounds, the pair connected deeply around a pair of common frustrations. First, as entrepreneurs interested in making positive change in the world, they had massive numbers of relationships to keep track of and yet they’d found no social application, platform, or other utility that could effectively replace the seemingly endless personal hacks they continued to experiment with to keep it all straight. Second, they both sensed something missing in the way that relationships are depicted in pixels - the color, warmth, and depth of human connection replaced with unidimensional lines drawn from one person to another, the variability of human bonds reduced to a static yes/no friend status, the highly visual concepts of geography and networks rendered lifeless in lists and tables.

Together with a team of like-minded engineers and researchers, they set out to deconstruct the way that people interact with, nurture, and explore their relationships online, and to build intuitive interfaces that re-imagine how technology can enable the scaling of meaningful personal connection.

What this looks like in the short term: Equipping users with functional tools that enable them to extract new value from existing social platforms. Think easy, beautiful, and automatic personal CRM for touch interfaces. Our first labs project provides a good example and can be test-driven at labs.connect.com.

What this looks like in the long term: Developing applications, interfaces, and platforms that make our relationships online really feel like relationships in the real world, and that enable us to make use of the countless new opportunities all that new connectivity is bringing. We’ve started deep-dive investigations of how humans connect and are re-thinking everything from how we prioritize relationships to how user interfaces dictate the ways in which we relate to one another. As a result, we are foundationally oriented towards building our products around the cutting edge of next-generation natural user interface platforms like Google Glass and Leap Motion as soon as (and even before) they are available to the general public.

We are growing rapidly and seeking to hire our 6th employee — a front-end engineer highly skilled in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript (Objective C is nice too!) This new team member will have substantial influence, a solid comp package, early options, and be able to work from Noe Valley (and some days from home). You will work alongside two back-end engineers and own the front end.

From a company fit perspective, the candidate we’re looking for is not only a technical powerhouse, but also has humanity, intelligence, and depth. Our problem space requires a founding team that truly cares about people and strives to light up the cold face of technology with a deep understanding of (or thirst to learn more about) how humans operate. We are seeking an additional partner who is willing to work with passion to create technology that makes an impact. We’re looking for someone who loves a challenge.

  The Type of Person We're Seeking

  • We practice rapid iterative development and constant optimization and improvement, so you must be able to move fast and deploy your code often.
  • We expect candidates to have an existing arsenal of tools for identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and the skills to squash them — while handling substantial user load.
  • Do you love learning the latest frameworks, libraries, and tools? Are you driven to develop best in class Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3? Do you want to build systems that can scale to millions of users and across multiple next-generation platforms? If so, you may be right for this role.
  • We're looking for someone who takes pride in scalable code and has the drive to be the best.
  • We’re seeking a special individual who is driven to create by a deep-rooted desire to make the world a better place and create beautiful products that users develop an emotional bond with.

  Experiential Requirements

We trust that any competent engineer could pick up any specific skills they don't already possess quickly on the job. However, given our current development timetable we will give strong preference to candidates with 3+ years of coding experience who possess a moderate to extensive experience in the following:

  •     HTML5 for web and touch
  •     CSS3 for web and touch
  •     Object-oriented Javascript
  •     Adaptable and responsive development for cross-device/browser compatibility
  •     Agile development practices
  •     Version control (Git)
  •     Facebook's OpenGraph
  •     Front-end web framework
  •     Managing and analyzing front-end architectures
  •     Optimizing big data visualizations on the client-side
  •     Working in team environments on scalable and beautiful products
  •     Objective C is (a plus but not required)
  •     Leadership experience (a plus but not required)

  The Team

  How To Apply

Please submit a resume, portfolio (if applicable), and examples of existing, functional code and live sites to jobs@connect.com. All applications will be kept confidential and we will reply to all submissions. In your email, please be sure to give us a glimpse of what makes you tick and comment briefly on anything that makes you feel you’d be a particularly good fit for our six person start-up. For a bit of additional company flavor see https://www.facebook.com/connectcorp.

Job Category:

Computer and Information Technology

Career Level:

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

Job Type:

Full Time/Permanent