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Job Description:

The essence of the Executive Assistant position is that you will be an extension of Executive Management. Representing them, their strategies, their initiatives and in most cases acting on their behalf.  

The position involves working from home 100% of time for isoTree.com, a US based, boutique, Internet Marketing & Wed Development agency.

This can be a full time or part time position, with a minimum of 20 hrs/week, working a fixed schedule, each weekday (Monday to Friday). You will be expected to be accessible via an instant messenger platform for all billable hours.

You will have the opportunity to receive extensive training during the course of a three month trial period.

Any candidates for consideration will already have the following skills & experience:

   * A baseline of sophistication with establishing and maintaining elite professional standards, business practices and relations.  

   * Experience being a member of successful teams, as it relates to performance and team building.

   * Possess at least an ‘intermediate knowledge’ of methods and policies for managing Teams, collaborating for web development/human resource/operational systems related projects.

   * Awareness of the current web trends, standards and industry environment that shapes opportunities for client solutions.

Position Summary:

The Executive Assistant is a decision-making position that is based on Management 'trusting your work' while moving initiatives forward, solving problems and contributing value.

The Executive Assistant must have a baseline of technical proficiency, self-motivated leader, capable of overseeing our design & development process of various diverse Management web development/human resource/operational systems initiatives.

An innovative, forward thinker, with the desire and initiative to make an impact on our company and clients. A desire to thrive in our collaborative and team-driven environment while enjoying challenges and rewards.  

The Executive Assistant will need to be proactive in anticipating the needs of Management. Identifying and articulating a daily agenda of 2-4 macro tasks -- in order of priority, with the related sub-tasks therein.

Balancing multiple variables and factoring in overarching considerations, to decide upon ranking order of the daily agenda priority.

Continuously seeking out mutual understandings with Executive Management regarding how to strategically resolve the 2-4 daily tasks. As well as,  expected clearly defining the 'deliverables' with deadlines.

Consistent high performance is expected. This daily agenda with 2-4 major challenges is expected to be taken seriously, due to the significant financial consequences associated to each task.

The Executive Assistant will need the mindset to consistently approach each day, each major task, each problem that needs to be solved; with vigor, organization and thorough preparation. Paying attention to details, ensuring initiatives are being done well, consistent with Executive Managements vision.

Assisting with Human Resource recruitment, training and team building will be a prominent aspect of your initiatives.

Overall, the Executive Assistant will have much autonomy and supporting resources of our boutique agency.

Key Expected Contributions:

  * Provide outstanding leadership skills in strategic problem solving, task completion and team building.
  * Promote accountability with themselves and within Operations. Overall consistency maintaining professional standards and practices.

  * Being highly organized in excelling at multitasking, in an ever-changing and evolving work environment that often shifts focus and priority.

  * Possess a cooperative, positive attitude to contribute to an harmonious, collaborative 'team oriented' work environment.

  * Define project scope and give clear instructions to support teams.

  * Ensure that approved requirements are developed in sufficient scope and detail that will result in the delivery of a solution that meets Executive Managements needs as they perceive them.

  * Assist and ongoing review of project scopes, considering financial, resource, and technological constraints including cost estimates with consideration to business impacts and identified risks.

  * Create and execute project work plans and revise as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.

  * Identify resources needed and assign individual responsibilities.

  * Effectively apply our methods and business practices. Enforce project standards.

  * Assure that projects are completed according to schedule and within budget.

  * Manage the various Team's responsible for delivery of all Executive initiatives. This includes design, development and QA personnel.

  * Conduct a thorough QA and review deliverables prepared by the applicable support team before passing to Executive Management.

  * Assist with developing quality assurance processes, documentation and testing.

  * Ensure that project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately.

  * Acting on behalf, representing Executive Management. Attend client meetings (i.e. teleconference) as required.

Key Talents :

    * Desire to set a leadership example with your actions.
    * An exceptional communicator, possessing a sophisticated understanding of professional standards, practices and relations.

    * See yourself as an over-achiever and a self starter.

    * Be able to learn and solve problems independently.

    * Detail oriented, organized, logical and analytical.
    * Able to follow instructions, while building upon and enhancing the provided Executive strategic direction.

Please submit your application by sending a letter introducing yourself and attaching your resume.

We will reply, promptly with a few questions which help us qualify applicants for further consideration.

Thanks for taking the time to read our classified ad. We appreciate your interest!

Job Category:

Business Operations

Career Level:

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

Job Type: