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Job Description:

Skimlinks is looking for a programmer (we're language agnostic) who's interested in joining and leading our front-end team.

What will I be working on?

We're building a single page analytics suite to give web publishers actionable information on how they are monetizing and how they can better monetize (hey you’re helping keep the Internet’s lights on) . Its powered with Backbone.js, require.js, Highcharts and SASS. We're open minded about trying new tools and technologies (any ClosureScript fans out there?). It's very Javascript focussed, built around our API, and we're out to make a fast, reliable (testing + CI) web app that feels of the web, rather than a Flash RIA circa 2003.

While it's obviously simplest for someone who knows Javascript already, if you've never seen a === (some equality operators require more equality than others ;) ) but love picking up new technologies we'd like to hear from you.

We're looking for an experienced team lead who has managed teams before.

 So what is it like to work @Skimlinks?

  • Big screens and fast computers (Linux, OSX or PC, up to you)
  • Sociable company - Friday drinks and regular team lunches
  • Office right on Old Street roundabout - more hipster coffeeshops that you could possibly need
  • Unix platform on AWS
  • Standups and a lightweight process
  • Testing and Jenkins CI
  • QA team - ever had someone on your team to whose job it is to double check your end product and catch any errors before release? It's good.
  • A product team that understands why you might want to spend a sprint refactoring
  • Hackdays, big data access on what millions of people are clicking on and buying

 So what is it like to work @Skimlinks?

We are looking for someone who simply loves to code, someone who thinks of it as recreation rather than work, and who has a stream of projects going on just for fun.

Required skills:

  • Substantial experience building web applications with a broad interest in programming languages
  • Very strong Javascript skills including Backbone.js, require.js
  • Experience with CodeIgniter and jQuery
  • Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 to W3C standards
  • Version control with Git (or SVN)
  • Demonstrable experience working with product managers to plan the development of complex products
  • Experience leading less experienced colleagues within an Agile environment

About the Company

Skimlinks is one of the most well-known UK-originated startups in the internet space, founded in London in 2007 and now with offices in San Francisco and New York. We have been described by Techcrunch as one of London's leading startups, and voted in the top 10 of the Guardian Tech Media Invest.

Skimlinks offers blogs, forums and websites the ability to earn an income from their content, by paying them a commission if readers click through and make an online purchase.

We consider ourselves a company that sells innovations, and in the last few years we have conceived and built a range of unique, compelling products that have shaken up the online monetization space.

Find out about what's it like working at Skimlinks at skimlinks.com/careers

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Career Level:

Management (Manager/Director)

Job Type:

Full Time/Permanent