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Penny Jones - Canoga Park, CA, USA
I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Animation at Westwood College. I have illustrated four children books and I have interned at Young Forest Games and Kabillion. ...  
Skills: photoshop, illustrator, flash, 3d max, animation master
Gary Oliverio - Lake In The Hills, IL, USA
Gary Oliverio is a 13 year game industry. He has worked for game companies such as Midway Amusement Games and Take Two Interactive as well as various other small ...  
Skills: maya, photoshop, 3ds max, zbrush, unity 3d, corona, illustrator
Paul Freeman - Anderson, CA, USA
Creating art is a passion that I have been lucky enough to get paid to do. I’ve been working for a small software company (Semilogic Entertainments) for a little ...  
Skills: 3d modeling, texturing, animation, flash art, as3 scripting, as2 scripting
Jan Van Buyten - San Francisco, CA, USA
!years+ of experience as an animator illustrator and storyboard artist. Before I came to the US I worked in Europe, working as a traditional animator(drawing) on films like Balto, All Dogs ...  
Skills: maya, flash, photoshop, final cut pro, premier, pencil
Johnny Lin - Los Angeles, CA, USA
I AM THE FLASH DESIGNER YOU SEEK! My expertise in Flash production includes web, motion graphics and interface. I have worked on several major flash/web related projects in the past. ...  
Skills: flash
Daniel Poludyonny - Trenton, NJ, USA
Over 5 years experience of game production, game design, product management, and running game companies. Experience from mobile and casual games. Can design games, work processes, user interfaces, or new ...  
Skills: game design, production, arts, sounds.
History of creating high-profile entertainment technology for companies like LucasArts, Lego Mindstorms and the Walt Disney Company. Deep experience in mobile, iTV, video games and location-based experiences.   
Skills: technology management, experience design, business development, r and d, computer programming
Skills: excellent use of ms office, deep analysis skills, turkish mobile and social gaming know-how
John Eberhardt - Seattle, WA, USA
Running teams and making games are all find and good – but it all comes down to the most important metric: are you making fun? I know how to not ...  
Skills: scrumm, design, management
Software Developer with 3 years experience in Computer and Information Technology industry. Objective: Seeking a job opportunity in a progressive organization, with an aim to contribute positively towards ...  
Skills: matlab, sql server 2005, visual basic, asp, script programmer of "thinking worlds", c, c++, java, script programmer of "torque game engine"
Computer Instructor with 4 years experience in Public Relations industry. Responsilbilities: In networking, micro soft windows operations and trouble shooting, office automations, hard ware and soft ware installations ...  
Skills: computer, internet, games
Experience in Customer Care industry. Objective: Special Training: Field of Training Soft Ware Programmes Duration Computer (Operating System) DOS Windows, 98 Window XP 2002,Window Me. MS Office Suite, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop Auto CAD ...  
Skills: computer and mobiles softwares
Sports Teacher with 5 years experience in Management industry. Responsilbilities: Teach games with hositry / etc.Physical Eduction degree. Coursework: Sports psychology / sports medicine / curricum in eduction ...  
Skills: games and sports
Sese(senior Elementry School Educator) with experience in Admin Assistants industry. Objective: Work Experience (Most Resent First) 1)-October 2006 to date as Senior alementary School Educator (Science) at Govt. Nishat Modal ...  
Skills: ms office
Gce Processing Supervisor with 6 years experience in Information Technology industry. Objective: An enthusiastic Computer Science graduate with strong analytical and research skills, keen to launch a career ...  
Skills: ++, vc.net, j2me, opengl and directx libraries, operating systems and computer arhitecture, leadersip qualities, ability to meet deadlines, attention to detail, project management, object oriented system des
Aabid Siddique - Orange County, CA, USA
Creator of 3 social games on Facebook and other social media platforms. More than 6 years of experience in Technology Consulting and Social Games. Undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering and ...  
Skills: data warehousing, sql server, website design
Harris Cho - San Jose, CA, USA
I started in the Video Games industry about 8 years ago. I first got my oppurtunity with a entry level position at EA. With a lot of hard work and ...  
Skills: management, game development, sales, and marketing
Aabid Siddique - Lake Forest, CA, USA
I am the creator of the Geek Games franchise on social media sites. I built the games from scratch and am completely responsible for daily production, business development and troubleshooting. ...  
Skills: social media game design, development and production. strengths in writing and communication
Lee Jeffrie - Aylesbury, UK
I come from a very strong background in Art & Design having studied many differenttypes of art forms ranging from life drawing to photograpy through to animation and scultpure. I now ...  
Skills: animation, graphic design, 3ds max, adobe creative suite, photography
Corey Loving - Country Club Hills, IL, USA
I love doing art for video games and film. Please look at some of my sketches and illustrations/animation at www.coreyloving.com   
Skills: concepting, storytelling
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