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Frontline, hands-on, in-depth technologist leveraging career technical achievements to influence and guide corporate strategy and industry focus. Relied upon to significantly enhance operational performance, clarify objectives and create corporate presence in the marketplace.

Recognized industry expert:
- Digital television, video compression, digital cinema, computer graphics, video & film production, Blu-ray, and post production.
- Global Standards participation

Technological breakthroughs:
- Design and productization of world’s first HDTV frame buffer and computer genlock.
- Development and standardization of HDTV, D-Cinema, H.264/AVC video compression, and Blu-ray

Executive/Industry advisor and consultant:
- Cultivate meaningful and profitable relationships with CE companies, computer companies, broadcast equipment vendors, and D-Cinema proponents. (Sony, Panasonic, Philips, LG, Samsung, and Microsoft)
- Drive innovation in concert with business objectives.


Emerging Technologies:
- HDTV, Blu-ray, OLEDs, and H.264/AVC development and productization
- 3D broadcasting, 3D display and 3D acquisition

Global and Regional Standards:
- International Standards Strategy consistent with corporate business objectives.
- Bi-directional (internal corporate reporting <-> standards body position) communications.
- Intellectual property management
- Close rapport and interaction with other experts.
- International Digital, HD and 3D Television
- Digital Media Convergence
- Trade Shows and Conferences


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